project profesional
in collaboration with
caro Venezuela, ailynne castilo constanzo and simona portmann

exchange semester in chile
duoc uc, concepción
// 2019

As a newly founded design agency VISION, we worked in cooperation with the Chilean company Inchalam. We created a company analysis about the customer. This analysis showed that the company needed a way to present the different application possibilities of the products. With the help of Design Thinking we worked out different approaches. From this, our agency developed a prototype for an application.  
Unit 1 -Founding design agency "VISION" 
Today it is very important for every company to represent itself with a competent, professional and stylish appearance. We created an adequate corporate identity for our fictitious company "VISION". To it the name finding, the definition of visual and communicative​ codes and that of the diagram style belonged. 
Unit 2 - Discovery Phase
The second part was theoretically and technically oriented. A company analysis of the customer "Inchalam" had to be prepared. This analysis included not only the origin, products and services, but also the international competition. In addition, we constantly had new inputs and exciting lectures on marketing and project management. We read and researched a lot, held and summarized interviews to analyze the customer market and create user profiles. This phase of the project was exhausting as it was very time-consuming because of the language. The company analysis showed that Inchalam needed a way to present the different uses of the products. With the help of Design Thinking, we worked out different solutions.
The perfect app is a symbiosis of technically sophisticated navigation mechanisms and consistent design. A well thought-out visual implementation is the key to convincing the user completely.
What do the most successful apps have in common? We have compared and analysed several apps and tried to incorporate the most important elements into our design. They all work with appealing typography and enough white space. It's probably obvious, but it's essential to convey a consistent design and brand feel - from the logo to the app. Colours should be chosen carefully and the logo should appear in the header of the app (rather as text) to create a moment of recognition.
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